Cigar Rights of America with Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel

We interviewed Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samel, and Jeff from Corona Cigar Company about Cigar Rights of America. Are you a member? Join now at

  • YodisMatt

    Hope I finally have the funds this month to become a member.

  • Aaron “Kicker” Taylor

    Thank you Cigar Rights of America for working hard to protect us from those that think they need to make decisions for us. I thoroughly enjoy a great cigar and the culture that goes with it.
    The day that a politician pulls that cigar out of my mouth, or tries to cover up the beautiful artwork on the cigar bands/boxes/advertising, or informs me that I am breaking their laws by enjoying my cigar on my front porch…is the day this US Marine bloody’s his knuckles again and takes back the Freedom I volunteered and swore an oath to protect and defend with my life.
    I am and always will be a CRA Member. Semper Fidelis