drew estate crystal ashtray

Drew Estate Crystal Ashtray Giveaway

We are giving away one of each style of our new crystal ashtrays. These high quality crystal ashtrays are perfect for any Drew Estate fan. Entering is simple, just use the widget embedded below. There are plenty of ways to enter, do as many as you want. The more entries, the higher likelihood of you winning!

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P.S. If you want go ahead and buy the ashtrays, they’re available here.

  • Steven Filippone

    love that UnderCrown ash tray !

    • Drew Estate

      Thanks Steven!

  • YodisMatt

    Awesome, love these ash trays! Thanks for the contest guys!

  • awesome ashtrays. definitely going on my christmas list

  • Chris

    Great looking ash trays

  • I love these ashtrays. I need one for my ashtray collection

  • Sweet deal!

  • Sally Wertz

    I love all the ashtrays, but I am particularly fond of the Liga and the Drew Estate ones!

  • Jonathan Cumston

    Sweeet – Giveaway Contest– Jonathan Drew!!!

  • I love the liga ashtray it as a classy look to it.

  • James biesel

    Love it n hope I win!

  • Tony Rebimbas

    Holy crap! I’d kill for one of them ashtrays!

  • Neo

    Undercrown is my favorite cigar. That ashtray would be like heaven to me.

  • I have no ashtray 🙁
    I have to put my cigar down on the ground. Last time it fell in a dog turd.

  • AceMace

    Looking forward to the KFC release!

  • Scott

    Good job boys

  • These are soooo awesome!

  • Joe

    Would be GREAT if my Store in Denton (the only Cigar Store for miles, Cigar Frog’s) could get the Liga’s

  • Brian Kahn

    AWESOME ashtrays …….. This would go GREAT in my Drew Estate shrine, next to my crystal Acid one !!!!!

  • Love em! Hope to win one or more! More importantly, LOVE the cigars. Whenever I know I’m going to be somewhere special I take a few Acids along for the journey. Many a sunset has been enjoyed with your infused, flavorful delights! Hope to see yall down in Orlando again.

  • Marty

    Those are tight! Lemme git one.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the chance, JD!

  • Tony Gonzalez


  • Sweet!!!! I could use one

  • TonyGonzalez

    I’ve just ordered my fifth box of undercrown{Famous Smoke shop}-They ash tray would only justify the sticks!However…You dont know how to use thee tray…If yopu’ve never used the stick!!!

  • MBH

    I can use one for the Man Cave. Hook me up guys. Don’t which one. Love’em all.

  • Tony Gonzalez

    UnderCrown-The Best…,Dark Angle is a very close runner…In my opinion!Oh yeah….I give all my cigar boxes to my friends.If I kept them…I would be creating a very bad situation for a fire hazard!!!I order at least three to four boxes every two months…I’m 54-And I’ve been an advid cigar pumper since I was 17-

  • Awesome! I would love to win!

  • Fingers crossed.. Id love to have the ashtrays for when I’m my fav cigar and drink

  • jared spence

    I don’t know what a widget is but i hope this enters me

  • Excellence defines Drew Estate’ products. No one can infuse tobacco like they do… They own the market.
    My favorite is Kuba Kuba! It’s the essence of heaven!

  • Kahuna

    Love me a nice juba kuba when I’m golfing

  • peter aviles

    Love the Kuba Kuba…………

  • This contest is a great idea. Keeps cigar smokers united and aware of the joys of cigar smoking. Carry on and thanks.

  • Kavo

    You boys sure do know how to get the people drooling lol….Love you guys!

  • Phil

    Have been lusting after the Undercrown and Liga ones for ever.

  • Hi Guys, My Natural Dirts would look great in one of those ashtrays! They are my favorite cigars and I have turned a lot of my friends on to them…….

  • juan ruiz

    Looking for undercrown and acid

  • Sean

    Very nice looking ashtrays! great job!

  • Rebecca Stine

    Groovy trays would love to have all, but one would be ok too…. keeping my fingers crossed….

  • Thank you for an awesome opportunity- would love to have one of these fine ash trays!

  • Bob

    The “log in” just keeps spinning, what gives?

  • Joseph Wilson

    How does one confirm their youtube subscription on this rafflecopter thing? It doesn’t seem obvious to me.

  • peter aviles

    Havin a Kuba Kuba ……..right now ….. !

  • Patty

    I just enjoy your cugars

  • Dan

    dig it

  • Josh

    Cool contest but I don’t use Twitter so that blows.

  • Scott T. Kurtz

    Really would like to win or get the UnderCrown or Liga Privada 9 style ashtrays

  • Bryan Bail

    All the events I’ve been to I ain’t snagged one of these beauties yet! KC and Outlaw are ready for another historical and monumental event yo! Much love for DE and Herrera Esteli!

  • Destry Brown

    My Favorite has got to be the Liga Privada!

  • Wybren Eijzenga

    Nice! Also Dutch participation in this Game – kind regard, Dutch Tobacco Grower

  • Rich

    Would love to have the LP9 or UC ashtray! Don’t do twitter so I guess my chances are limited but here’s hoping!

  • Joe


  • Zayne M.

    Wow is all I can say! Got home today to a box of BOTL Corona’s from Podman and then this just arrived as well. The No.9 looks better in person than it does in the pictures, if you can believe that. Thanks for the incredible contest and I am still in shock I won!

  • Stevo

    Love the Liga’s, Undercrowns & MUWAT’s – keep ’em coming!. Cool giveaways — except those of us not on Facebook & Twitter… that ain’t right…

  • Smoking a Undercrown now would love to dump my Ash in one of those sweet Ashtrays.

  • Michael B Janssen

    Where can I buy undercrown crystal ashtray?