Governor’s Smoke Shop

governors smoke jd tribute

This post is part of a new series by Jonathan Drew called “JD Retailer Tributes”. Jonathan will be posting new tributes every night at 8pm on his Instagram account, and they will then be featured here on our site. To view all JD Retailer Tributes, click here. Thank you for following.

Governor’s Smoke Shop

This is a JD tribute to Governors Smoke Shop in Columbus Ohio. This is the first “Retail Tribute” post that I will be making every evening at approximately 8pm or 9pm. …. Justin and Justin are the owners of the store and really know how to hold a #drewestate party. Governors is a full service DE store with everything from #ligaprivada to #herreraesteli and #acidcigars – as well as all out other DE goodies. ….. There is no exact methodology as to my new Retailer Tribute Series other than to keep it real and keep it fun.


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