IPCPR 2013 Highlights

Highlights from the Drew Estate booth at IPCPR 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What were some of your highlights from the show? Let us know in the comments. We will pick one random commenter to win a box of ACID Kuba Grande (prize won’t ship until when they are released in a few months)!

  • Rev

    Very Great selection of pictures, it looked like all was well received. Glad to see such a great turn out from Operation: Cigars for Warriors…

  • Shawn Park

    Nica Rustica! I was fortunate enough to try the test blend version, and I am excited for the production!

  • Jake

    The social media aspect of everytihng would be my favorite thing. That we live in a day and age where one can get instantaneous updates almost at the exact moment they happen. And, a shout out to all of the bloggers that took the time to keep us informed of everything.

    • Drew Estate

      The social media aspect of things has totally changed the game. You can feel like you’re at the booth sitting at home on the sofa. Pretty incredible!

  • YodisMatt

    I enjoyed watching several different blogs to see what is being released from the show. Also watching so man different people ranging from companies to reviewers on IG kind of made it feel as if I could have been there.

  • Jason

    Lots of great new cigars announced at this years show. Really looking forward to trying the Kentucky Fire Cured MUWATs. The internet coverage of this year’s show was great too – I enjoyed being able to follow it on Twitter and and various blogs.

  • Loved seeing all the images of the guys having Fun. Good to see the CFW volunteers working the crowd. Hard hats are super cool!

  • John Butler

    Great pics. Looking forward to trying the Nica Rustica. I like Acids, so can’t wait to try the Kuba Grande when they come out.

  • Well I didn’t get to go… But with all the pics and live feeds that social media has to offer, I felt like I was there.. Just the only thing I miss is getting to try the New Blends before they are released… Then again thanks to social media for bringing contest like this to us who did get to go…..Good Luck 2 All!!

  • I agree on the social media aspect, it was amazing being able to see video and pictures and hear feedback about the show hundreds a miles away almost instantly.

  • Mike Boyle

    The Pipe Tobacco! I wish there was an ACID line virginia blend.

  • It was great seeing all the pictures and videos from the show. DE cigars will always be fantastic, but the artwork from Jessi’s team is bananas!

  • Jeff Ketcham

    Agree on the social media comment. It was great following along on twitter and also seeing the tours of the various booths. It made my work week a lot shorter but not too sure about the productivity!

  • Beard_Dawg

    I really enjoyed the access as well. It was almost like being there. But I was most impressed by the job Subculture Studios did with the givaways. The hard hats are dope, and the humidors were fire!

  • El Brujito announcement!

  • Will

    For me, the pipe tobacco from DE is what I’m waiting for. Can’t wait to light up a bowl!

  • ↑↑↑↑↑ I’m with Will, the DE Classics pipe tobacco has me so amped. I loved watching the booth interview w/ Nicholas Melillo discussing it, and I would say the Booth Interviews in general were my favorite part to watch.

  • siakingsport

    Great coverage of the show for those of us at home. Especially waiting for the KFC.

  • Phil

    I love seeing the new lineup that you guys had at this years show, I’m especially looking forward to the Kentucky Fire Cured line and have been telling all of my local smoking buddies about it as well as the pipe tobacco. I also love getting to see pictures of the support for CFW. Being an active duty service member and recent recipient of the donations made to CFW, I am very grateful for your support. One day I will have to make it to a show that you guys are at! And again, cannot wait to try some of the new stuff you have coming out this year.

  • steve

    The information on up and coming brands such as nomad. Plus all the great blogs and pictures.

  • Wayne R. Van Horn

    I don’t know how you do it! Almost every time I think DE would do a great………. You do it! I can’t what for the pipe tobacco! But really it’s all about that Blue Stone Ring!!!

  • Drew toughing it out in crutches, along with all the awesome pictures!

  • Jared spence

    Love to try one

  • Paul

    As a new cigar smoker it gives myself and others the opportunity to be there with actually being there. For me information is key – Thanks for the great picks and info!

  • Mike W

    Being that consumers cannot be there, I really enjoyed all of the tweets and FB updates from the show. Thanks!

    • Drew Estate

      Thank you Mike!