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TESA Cigars

JD RETAILER TRIBUTE for August 11, 2013 is none other than TESA CIGARS in the heart of “West Loop” of Chicago. … The crew consists of Chris Kelly, Brian, Franklin, Perez & Scotty – and they have created this super cool lounge atmosphere that just makes you want to hang out the whole evening and be part of it. … The ownership is the wonderful, generous, charitable, patriotic, Kelly family, but Chris Kelly is the star of Tesa. … Interestingly, it was Chris’ dad, John Kelly who started Drew Estate with $20,000 of seed capital to begin our tiny factory in 1998. He is the one on the right bottom corner with his wife, Michelle. .. Bottom line, without the Kelly’s there would be no Drew Estate. … So, on to the @tesacigarcompany of today – the store not only carries the entire Drew Estate line, including #ligaprivada and #herreraesteli, but also carries there own exceptional line of cigars that are all 100% made in Esteli, Nicaragua by a small boutique that the Kelly’s own themselves. …

These guys have exceptional, well aged tobacco that they blend from Full to Medium to Mild, so they have all tastes covered. … Last year we did the unofficial soft release of “Liga Privada Velvet Rat” and the place was mobbed. … Ethics, talent, and 30 years of experience are the elements that make them well rounded, but the Fun, Coolness Factor, and Love at the West Loop location is what makes this place A MUST GO TO evening location when you are in Chicago. It’s casual and classy at the same time, and there are often beautiful woman there every night smoking and having fun. @tesacigarcompany is now a Chicago institution. Finally, please find them on Facebook at Tesa Cigars.

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  1. Dave West 08/30/15 Reply

    Nice! I remember my first Tesa experience was with the Tasters package! Awesome concept.

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