Consuelo Huete – Drew Estate Charities

Consuelo Huete – Drew Estate Charities

Consuelo is fifty-three years old, she is a very hardworking woman, she iron and washes other’s clothes to make money; she lives in a family property where she shares the land with her sister and her three daughters.

Consuelo’s family has been very kind and welcoming, and they are always willing to help anyone; Consuelo shared her experience with TECHO and how this housing project helped her.

“I found out about TECHO because I saw a bunch of guys helping in a construction on the other block, all of them with the same t-shirt; I had seen the construction once before so I was curious and I went there with a friend. I ask for information about what they were doing, and then asked them how I could participate in the project; because I was interested, you know, my old house was in bad conditions: there was leaking water, it was made of old wood and I hadn’t enough money to fix it.

My husband and I, we were tired, we are old and we don’t have the energy to be changing beds from place to place when it rains, or money to fix the old roof to cover holes, we just make money to eat.
So, after I explained my situation to TECHO guys, they wanted to see my house so I took them here. Later on, they explained the whole process and I told them I wanted to be part of the project, is a great one. You see, you only need to pay a small amount, ‘Where you can get a house at that price? Nowhere!

They also explained how we were going to pay the amount of money- we did it in fees, so we could have the time to save it, they told us where to deposit the money and also gave us information about how to save the money. We didn’t have trouble though; my whole family helped us to collect the money: my sisters, my daughters and our sons-in-law. I’m very thankful for having a family so united; we helped each other in anything we can.

My house was built on March 20th of 2013; it’s been a year already! I remember the volunteers, they were very nice and kind, we all felt like we were family, they were all guys from Managua, but the whole family helped as well; my daughter’s husbands helped in the construction and we made lunch and prepared juice and coffee for all.

Consuelo huete

The happiness and desire to keep working after an inauguration of a new home! – Rodolfo. TECHO Volunteer.

After we got our new home we have been very happy, more relaxed, because when it rains we don’t have leaks, and now we are sure when raining season come we won’t be wet and get sick. The wood is perfect and we are saving money to paint the house so it will last more.”

Consuelo has painted half of the house and is saving more money to finish it. She explains that it will take time as she and her husband doesn’t make a lot. But thanks to TECHO they have changed the way they see problems now. This is another goal accomplished by the family and for the organization too, because during the workshops this is one of the topics to cover.

On the workshops, TECHO volunteers start a discussion with the beneficiaries on what are the main needs they have, later they provide ideas and solutions on how to work to accomplish them. They just remind people on how strong they can be and to look at the new home as a way to start a new life and all done by their own effort, and that if they could do this together, they could overcome any problem in the future.

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“I would like to tell the volunteers that I thank them a lot and that I will always remember them! They came here and they were like sons and daughters to me. They are people that helped without expecting anything from anyone, and not a lot of people are like that”.
Please consider donating if you have the means. Even the smallest donation is appreciated. Thank you from all of us at Drew Estate.

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