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Deadwood Tobacco Co.

JD Retailer Tribute No.12 is a special one indeed, dedicated to our family “Deadwood Tobacco Co & Cigar Bar” in South Dakota. … Let’s take this Tribute back to 1995 and our first trade show – the name of the company wasn’t even called Drew Estate and the ethos wasn’t yet polished to #rebirthofcigars. Nope, we were Jonathan Drew Inc and the early stages of our movement was “Know Your Direction”. … These were the worst of days and the best of days. … Marvin and I were struggling to eat and struggling to survive – but when things get to be their worst, then comes a sign …! Deadwood and Ms. Vaughn Boyd was that sign as she was one out first 14 Retailers in the US, fuck it, the world … ! … From there Deadwood joined the DE Movement and never looked back. She went on to create the Sweet Jane family of cigars that have become a Cult Classic nationwide. So much is owed to Deadwood and Vaughn not just by #drewestate , but from the entire industry … She has changed the game. If you’ve ever thought of visiting Sturgis Bike Week in South Dakota, don’t miss it and make sure to stop by Deadwood Tobacco Co & Cigar Bar at 628 Main St Deadwood, SD 57732 or on line at my friends. … Peace to the Epic Deadwood Ambassadors, including Jim Davidson, Dennis Saum, Yummy Bitch, Fat Bottom Betty, Fritz Carlson, and my dudes Aaron Taylor and John Crabtree. … QUESTION – will the mistress, SJ find her true love ..? Please look for Vaughns Facebook Page at Deadwood Tobacco Co & Cigar Bar. Thank you Deadwood, for your contributions to my personal cause #cigarsforwarriors and #drewestatecharities …

  • Vic Anderson

    Deadwood Tobacco Co and cigar bar introduced me to cigars and Drew Estate
    LOVE that place
    …….Hello Mr. Wink!

  • Thank you for letting us at Cigars Limited in Fresno Ca sell the lovely 3 bitches.