Drew Estate Announces Humidified 5 Packs


Drew Estate Announces Humidified 5 Packs

Drew Estate announces today the release of ten humidified 5 packs featuring some of their most popular cigars including: Undercrown Maduro and Shade, Tabak Especial Dulce and Negra, ACID Kuba Kuba, ACID Kuba Maduro, ACID Toast, ACID Cold Infusion and ACID Blondie and La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo. The Drew Estate 5 Packs will be displayed in Drew Estate’s Booth at the IPCPR Convention and Tradeshow, held June 29-July 2, 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Meticulously designed for the consumer who is on-the-go, each 5 pack is resealable and will feature Boveda Active Humidification inside to allow for placement anywhere in the retail environment. This packaging will ensure product freshness from the time it leaves Nicaragua to the time it is smoked. All 5 packs ship with a countertop merchandising solution and clip strips to be hung in any retail location. Our strongest suggestion, however, is to hang the 5 packs on our new “Manhole Cover” display, currently available upon request.

From the Wynwood Safehouse, Jonathan Drew President and Founder of Drew Estate notes, “Everybody at the office and retailer friends of ours are all jazzed up about the introduction of these 5 packs cause they are going to sell boatloads. I understand the sales impact and all, but I’m most excited about the Manhole Cover Merchandising Display. Have you guys checked this thing out? It’s bananas.”

The following 5 packs will be shipping in a 5-count display this September

  • Undercrown Shade Toro 6×52 5 Pack MSRP $44.60/pack
  • Undercrown Maduro Toro 6 x 52 5 Pack MSRP $44.60/pack
  • Tabak Sampler Negra 5 Pack MSRP $38.00/pack
  • Tabak Sampler Dulce 5 Pack MSRP $38.00/pack
  • ACID Kuba Kuba 5×54 5 Pack MSRP $49.25/pack
  • ACID Kuba Maduro 5×54 5 Pack MSRP $49.25/pack
  • ACID Cold Infusion 7×44 5 Pack MSRP $42.55/pack
  • ACID Toast 6×52 5 Pack MSRP $48.40/pack
  • ACID Blondie 4×38 5 Pack MSRP $27.50/pack
  • La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo Bombero 6×54 5 Pack MSRP $22.00/pack

For full coverage of the Drew Estate 5 Packs and all of Drew Estate’s IPCPR national releases check out our 2019 #DEIPCPR promotion at www.drewestate.com/IPCPR. If you are attending IPCPR stop by for a smoke at the Drew Estate Booth (Booth #3213), and a crafted ACID cocktail under the Water Tower.

About Drew Estate

Founded in New York City in 1996, Drew Estate has become one of the fastest growing tobacco companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”TM, Drew Estate has led the “Boutique Cigar” movement by innovating new elements to the tobacco industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that have attracted new and traditional cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, the Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces a variety of brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Herrera Estelí Norteño, Isla del Sol, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, MUWAT, Larutan by Drew Estate, Nica Rustica, Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars, Tabak Especial, Undercrown, Florida Sun Grown, and Java by Drew Estate.

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