Liga Privada Flying Pig Review by the Stogie Guys

Liga Privada Flying Pig Review by the Stogie Guys

Here’s a few excerpts from a review of the Drew Estate Liga Privada Flying Pig written by the Stogie Guys. The original post is located here.

“The construction is excellent with a firm feel and no visible defects in the oily wrapper. It smells of earth and leather with just a hint of pepper. Because the Flying Pig is a perfecto, I was a little worried about the draw being tight in the beginning, but the initial draw is good and opens up slightly once you pass the first half inch.”

“The cigar yields plenty of creamy smoke with initial flavors of leather, earth, and some sweetness. As it progresses, the leather fades and cedar and a nice spice join the mix. A sweetness reminiscent of cocoa also picks up. The burn is consistent with a bit of wavering, but it never requires a touch-up. The Flying Pig burns slowly with an average smoke time of around and hour and a half.”

“Overall, I am very impressed with the Flying Pig. The flavors are interesting and blended well. Construction and combustion qualities are excellent as well, which you would expect from a cigar with an MSRP of $12 per stick.”

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