Ericka Rodriguez by Drew Estate Charities

Ericka Rodriguez by Drew Estate Charities

Ericka Rodriguez started living in Oscar Gámez #2 since she was born. She lives with her husband Felipe López and their daughter Nayeli. She works as a corn peddler and Felipe at a tobacco factory. Every Friday she goes to Drew Estate to sell corn to workers.

Their house was next to the water channel and it was in very bad conditions, the wood was rotten and they need it to cover some parts with plastic and cardboard. Nayeli, who is six years old, was very sick from her kidneys at that time, at not getting any better.

Ericka heard a bunch of kids where doing interviews for a housing project in the neighborhood; as she works every day of the week, she never had the time to talk with them, neither Felipe, so one Sunday she decided not to go sell corn, so she could wait to see them and explain her situation.

During the next visit TECHO did, they interviewed her and explained the process to them: “They asked us if we could pay the amount of C$ 2,000. Córdobas in two fees (Families pay 7% of the total cost of the house), we immediately accepted. They also asked us if we were willing to help in the construction, TECHO explained the building process and told me about being in charge of making the lunch for the volunteers, we participated in everything.

“I will never forget the construction, first the ground was really hard to work onto but we made to put all the pilings, then the issue was bringing all the parts from a block away, so I started to call my family and friends, my neighbors also joined us and helped to bring all the pieces!”



“Is a great benefit for us, because right now the wood prices are very high, and these houses at C$2,000, are a gift! Is a great help! first I thank God, because I was benefited with my little house, we are low income citizens who don’t have C$12,000 or C$20,000 to fix a house, and now with my new house everyone tells me “Ericka what a beautiful house you have now!” and I tell them “Thanks God and TECHO who built it for me!”; I feel very proud of my house and I keep taking care of it every day, and washing the wood floor!”.


“Now, I tell people who are in need that they shouldn’t be afraid, when they see TECHO kids they can go and let them interview them. TECHO are not people who are going to take advantage of you; for example: by that time, my mother had given us a little pork and we started to fatten it up, it was four months already, so I made the decision of selling it and that way we got half of the amount. We sold it and look at me, I have my house! TECHO keep their promises.

They are very honest people and a very friendly too! They left but I haven’t forgotten about them. They visit me when they come to build another houses, when I tell them about our improvements they are very happy to hear me. Right now we are in the process of getting electric energy but I hope is going to be soon. Tell Luciana, Josi, Ceci, Ana and all of them, I send them a big hug and greeting from my family”.

“These projects benefit us a lot, you have no idea! I haven’t heard any other projects alike; I have been living in this neighborhood for my whole life and never seen anything like this. Like I say, is a great help that God has sent to us, and also Drew Estate that has been working a lot to make it happen and work with those who need it the most. A couple of weeks ago, I’ve got sick from back and carrying the corn basket around town had me in a lot of pain, could you imagine if I was living like before? with water all over the ground and leaking everywhere, now we are more comfortable have more space for the three of us, the kitchen is next to the house, before we didn’t even have a room, just a small space where we had a small bed and the stove, that was all. Now we are very happy!”


Please consider donating if you have the means. Even the smallest donation is appreciated. Thank you from all of us at Drew Estate.

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