liga privada no 9 flying pigs

We Want Our Flying Pigs Back!

We’ve got a funny story for you, ladies and gentleman. Apparently, our shipping department had a bit of a mix up a few weeks ago and we thought we’d share the story with you. As many of you know, our Flying Pigs were a limited production cigar that we created, making only 2,000 boxes. We were supposed to keep some for ourselves, but we ending up selling out before they even came in!

Because of this, Saka decided to have 50 extra boxes made for “internal consumption”. Basically, we wanted to smoke some! Anyway, when the extra 50 boxes came in, they got shipped out by accident! These boxes are marked “DE Only“, and they are now the only Pigs left on the market. Saka recounted the story to me last week, calling it a “colossal f&!k up”.

If you are one of the lucky few to have received a box of these “DE Only” pigs, enjoy them, because they are the last pigs in existence (besides the ones all of you cigar collectors have locked away in your humidors). Also, if you take pictures of your “DE Only” box of Pigs and send them in to us, we’ll send you a Drew Estate hat free of charge. Let’s see those Pigs!

  • BigFatStogies

    I would love a box! Hell, I just want to try one of those pigs…

  • Nomore_spam

    Well, I have to say how horribly disappointed I am that this limited run has… run its course. The flying pig has become my favorite, and only, cigar that I smoke. I was privileged enough to receive one of the DE boxes along my travels at the excellent local cigar shop I frequent. I will be uploading my photo soon. I must BEG you to bring these cigars back. There is no substitute for them and I Really do not want to have to settle for anything less at this point. Anyway, Thank You Drew Estate for making the finest cigar I have ever had the honor of smoking. Brian…

    • I would agree I miss the Pig……The Nica Rustica is nice however…..I hope this dogma is in line with the usual excellence of the “rebirth” mantra

  • Acee2bee

    @drewestatecigar, twittered you a pic of part of my liga 9 collection including 2 of my DE ONLY boxes. Sorry, but they are so tasty. Shout out to the cigar boxx in northfield, nj and marvin for coming up to hang with us regularly.

  • Nicholasmelillo

    I have a ¨DE ONLY¨flying pigs… Send me a hat!!!

  • Nicholasmelillo


  • greg

    how do i send a pic of the “de only” boxes?

  • drewestatecigar

    You can email them to me at

  • Sonny

    Please bring these smokes back…….seriously!

  • alessandro Urbinati

    i wish i had one (only) of these boxes.. please let me know about next productions..keep workin’…ciao

  • John

    I am one of the “cigar collectors have locked away in your humidors.” I have 9 left (The original run, not the DE) and I am tighter than a frog’s ass with them. They are only to be smoked on ultra special occassions, such as DE announcing they will release another limited edition run of Flying Pigs…

    • Alessandro Urbinati

      When will these Flying Pigs arrive in Italy??!! It’s kind of funny I can find the Whole cuban range in almost every (decent) tobacconist but the Pigs aint possible to find. Years ago Drew Estatew was imported in Italy..Why it isn’t anymore..? Hope the next productions of Pigs will be Flying in the Eternal City…

  • Daryl

    I bought a case of “pigs” but I only got 10 of them. I see in your pic, that you have 12 in a case. Did I buy the wrong thing?