We Want Our Flying Pigs Back!

We Want Our Flying Pigs Back!

We’ve got a funny story for you, ladies and gentleman. Apparently, our shipping department had a bit of a mix up a few weeks ago and we thought we’d share the story with you. As many of you know, our Flying Pigs were a limited production cigar that we created, making only 2,000 boxes. We were supposed to keep some for ourselves, but we ending up selling out before they even came in!

Because of this, Saka decided to have 50 extra boxes made for “internal consumption”. Basically, we wanted to smoke some! Anyway, when the extra 50 boxes came in, they got shipped out by accident! These boxes are marked “DE Only“, and they are now the only Pigs left on the market. Saka recounted the story to me last week, calling it a “colossal f&!k up”.

If you are one of the lucky few to have received a box of these “DE Only” pigs, enjoy them, because they are the last pigs in existence (besides the ones all of you cigar collectors have locked away in your humidors). Also, if you take pictures of your “DE Only” box of Pigs and send them in to us, we’ll send you a Drew Estate hat free of charge. Let’s see those Pigs!

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