Giving Back in Nicaragua

We here at Drew Estate feel strongly about giving back to our community. When we heard about Lamar McAbee and his group helping out in Nicaragua, we thought that we might be able to help him spread the word about the mission project he’s working on. As some of you might know, Nicaragua produces some of the best cigars in the world, but is at the same time the second poorest country in the Americas. If you would like to help out, feel free to contact Lamar and check out Duncan First Baptist Church’s website.

My name is Lamar and I pastor the Duncan First Baptist Church in Duncan, SC. Our town is almost directly between Charlotte, NC. & Atlanta, Ga. just off of I-85.

We took 62 youth and adults to Nicaragua for a mission trip. We…

  • Helped purchase a bus
  • Built or repaired 21 barrio “houses”
  • Built 6 public banos in the barrio
  • Bought food for 500 families
  • Distributed food to 250 families
  • Held a sports camp for kids

Our church partners with Chosen Children Ministries which is headquartered in Masaya. CC has 2 orphanages, two pastors schools (btw – these schools are the only two in Central America that accept men who cannot read), three mission campuses (Masaya, Leon & Juigalpa) and works in 24 barrios assisting with food, medicine, shelter, clothing etc.

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