How to Pair an ACID Part 3: ACID Purple Infusion

Extra Ordinary Aviation 2oz Gin / .5 oz Maraschino Liquer / .5 oz Creme de Violet / .75 oz lemon juice. Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into stemmed cocktail glass.

How to Pair an ACID Part 3: ACID Purple Infusion

ACID Cigars are like nothing else on the market. They mix premium tobaccos with high quality infusions to create a profile that is distinct. In the ACID line there are many different infusions, you have the ACID Blue line sweet and delicious, the ACID Red line smoky and flavorful, the ACID Gold line herbal and complex and many more. With such distinct flavors comes the question what do you pair with an ACID, how do you compliment the particular notes that each vitola and infusion present? With our resident pairing expert Frankie Dranks we take a deep dive into How to Pair an ACID. We will offer a non-alcoholic pairing option, an alcoholic pairing and a featured cocktail with each article.

Acid Purple- The ACID Purple series is a mixture of bold and rich tobaccos and some of our larger, longer and more robust sizes. This makes the ACID Purple line perfect for the ACID fan that likes a little darker and richer flavor or for the traditional smoker that loves a change of pace.
Extraordinary Larry: One of the least sweet in the ACID line. Tobacco forward on the palate with a slightly floral finish. The botanical notes add complexity to the full-flavored smoke.

Jack’s Pick: Earl Grey Black Tea.
Frank’s Drank: Aviation

Croquetta: Talk about Double Trouble. The ACID Croqueta is a petit robusto that brings the flavor. It packs sweetness and a punch perfect in this bite-sized format, a testament to its namesake.

Jack’s Pick: Grape Fanta.
Frank’s Drank: Rye Manhattan

Roam: The Connecticut wrapper and length of the ACID Roam gives a tinge of sweetness and botanicals with a nice creamy smoke. The sweetness and herbal notes are reminiscent of a summer breeze on a hot day.

Jack’s Pick: Arnold Palmer
Frank’s Drank: IPA

Plush: ACID Plush has a Luxurious Broadleaf wrapper and the Purple infusion meets the Maduro wrapper in the perfect middle ground. You get a rich luxurious smoke with a sweet and floral finish at the end.

Jack’s Pick: Cream Soda

Frank’s Drank: Rye Old Fashioned

Next week we will discuss what pairs best with the ACID Red Infusion!

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