Joya de Nicaragua announces the proud return of Clásico Original to the USA


BACK in 1968, when Joya de Nicaragua was born, none could have foreseen how cigars would go on to shape the future of the town of Estelí in Northern Nicaragua.

And retailers in the U.S. would not have believed that within just 50 years, their customers would be clamoring for Nicaraguan cigars – or that the country would sell more premium, handrolled cigars in America than any other country on the planet.

At Joya de Nicaragua, we are proud that our cigars and our people were at the forefront of that remarkable period of change. And to mark our 55th anniversary, we are excited to announce the return of the first Nicaraguan cigar to U.S. soil.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Original first captivated America in the 70s and 80s, and it was the first premium cigar ever to be exported from Nicaragua. It even became the chosen cigar at the White House.

“If a new smoker asks me ‘What cigar should I start with?’ I always suggest the Clásico,” says Juan Martinez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua. “It’s a cigar that welcomes you to this incredible world in the most delicate way. In fact, this was the first cigar I ever tried. In that vein, this is a gift to America’s new generation of cigar smokers, so they can begin to understand the legacy that this very special Nicaraguan cigar carries with it.”

Joya de Nicaragua’s most sought-after brand returns with revamped packaging and will only be available to Club de Amigos of JDN. Club de Amigos of JDN is an exclusive community for Joya de Nicaragua’s top retailers, destined to increase their knowledge about the brand and its products and to reward their loyalty with unique benefits, such as exclusive products.

Clásico Original has an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper that showcases the perfect complement for its rich Nicaraguan fillers and binders. The result is a smooth, woody, and delicate smoke with dynamic creaminess and super-subtle peppery notes.

This iconic cigar comes in 25-count boxes in four formats:

Robusto 5 X 50 / MSRP per stick: $8.25

Toro 6 X 50 / MSRP per stick: $8.75

Churchill 6 7/8 X 48 / MSRP per stick: $9.00

Torpedo 6 X 52 / MSRP per stick: $9.25

Clásico Original will be presented this July at the PCA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas to U.S. retailers, and at Intertabac in Dortmund, Germany, in September 2023 to retailers in the rest of the world.


Joya de Nicaragua is a family-owned tobacco grower and cigar factory. Established in 1968, it is the first and most authentic premium handmade cigar manufacturer from Nicaragua.

Based in Estelí, many regard Joya De Nicaragua as the patriarch creator of the Nicaraguan cigar industry, and its cigars are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.

The company’s commitment to quality, along with its skillful and resilient people, has been rewarded with industry recognition more than once.

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