Drew Estate Unveils Kentucky Fire Cured Line Extension to MUWAT Brand of Cigars

Press Release

Miami, FL – Drew Estate Inc. announced today the impending release of Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars, an extension to the MUWAT brand also to be produced at the Joya de Nicaragua factory. In development for over 2.5 years, this extension to the MUWAT line of premium cigars was inspired during a trip to the Dominican Republic where Jonathan Drew and Steve Saka were visiting the Universal Leaf tobacco pre-industry facility.

“I remember it as if it were yesterday” states JD. “Fritz Bossert (President of Universal Leaf), Steve Saka and I were smoking Liga Privada T52s in the fermentation area when I noticed a pilon of Kentucky Fired Cured tobacco. We took the wrapper off the T52 and placed a thick Kentucky Fire Cured leaf in its place. The taste and aroma were simply amazing, but there was just one huge problem – the cigar would not burn properly, and is one of the reasons of the lengthy process it took to get ‘KFC’ to market.”

Nicholas Melillo, Executive Vice President of International Operations, was tasked with working on a solution to the burn issue in conjunction with Fritz Bossert, experimenting with using the fire cured leaf in the wrapper leaf position as well as using limited amounts as part of the filler.

Six months later we were already producing blends and sharing samples with good friends throughout the cigar industry, while keeping the project completely quiet.

“In February 2011 we had the pleasure of smoking some of these early samples on the Corona Cigar Co.’s Cigar Safari tour,” says Jeff Borysiewicz founder & owner of Corona Cigar Co. “My group really enjoyed the aroma and flavor profile and kept asking JD when this product would be ready to market. He kept me waiting until December 2012, when we smoked more KFC samples at my lake house during the Christmas holiday. They’ve really come a long way and we look forward to the release.”

“The MUWAT brand was the first true collaboration between Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua,” says Michael Cellucci, President of Drew Estate.

“The fact that JD wanted to bring the ”MUWAT” franchise under the flag of Subculture Studios is a reflection of his love of working with other talented cigar makers. Subculture Studios is more than just a graffiti factory in Nicaragua, it is a ‘mental space’ that JD and Jessi Flores have cultivated throughout the years and reveals innovation, raw talent and creativity that you find throughout all of Drew Estate at every level.”

There is a lot we have experimented with and all shall be revealed in short order, but for now here is a little quote from Nicholas Melillo, Chief of the Broadleafs, “First off, Kentucky Fire Cured is from a stalk-cut tobacco. The initial firing of KFC is done at low heat between 100 F to 115 F degrees and maintained until the color reaches solid brown. Once color is set temperatures increase to 120F- 130F to completely cure down the midrib of the leaf and darken. Once the midrib is dried the temperature will be reduced and the smoke maximized with saw dust to finish the leaf. When KFC hits your olfactory nerve you know it! ”

MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured will be Available in three sizes: 6 x 52 “Just a Friend”, 5 x 56 “Fat Molly” and a 4 x 46 “Chunky” in the familiar MUWAT craft paper bundle. Americana style graphics adorn these new packs.

“Kentucky Fire Cured is not something new to the world of tobacco, as it has been grown for over 200 years. Easily compared to the smokey taste attributed to a peaty scotch, the KFC picks up nuances of the roasted hickory, oak or maple wood that makes you say ‘Damn, that’s tasty,’” expels Jonathan Drew.

“In addition to the fire cured tobaccos of Kentucky and Dark Fire Cured of Virginia, we are finishing the two year project of our fire cured tobaccos from another country which DE will not disclose until a time closer to the actual release of the brand. I’ll just say this: they don’t speak English, Italian or Spanish in this region of the world.”

For more information on this release, please contact John Brooke.

About Drew Estate, Inc.

Established in 1996, Drew Estate Inc. is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of innovative and traditional premium cigars for today’s cigar smoker. In just over ten years, Drew Estate’s ACID line of premium cigars has become one of the top five selling premium cigar brands in the nation. Regarded as the pioneer and leader in the infused cigar® market, Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan factory handcrafts ACID by Drew Estate®, Natural®, Java by Drew Estate®, and other unique cigars along with its traditional Liga Privada®, La Vieja Habana® and Chateau Real® marks. For more information, please visit: www.drewestate.com.

®ACID, Natural, Java by Drew Estate, Chateau Real, La Vieja Habana and Liga Privada are registered trademarks of Drew Estate and/or affiliated companies.

  • Robert Wentway

    When will this cigar be in the stores or online for purchase

  • david

    Same question as above. When are we going to get at this cigar???

  • Brandon

    I was at an event this weekend with JD and crew and they told me November of this year.

    • Ace

      Thanks for the update.
      Looking forward to enjoying one of those.

  • Steve Jack

    Eartheness is my favorite cigar. Looking forward to try more of Drew Estates cigars.

  • Evan Benz

    I just smoked this cigar for the first time today.
    I felt like I was one of those guys in the old time baseball photographs from the 1880’s.
    There is something about this particular cigar that make you feel like you should be in brown leather work boots, heavy tweed pants, a linen dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up , suspenders, and a Abraham Lincoln top hat , holding a copper cup full of moonshine , hanging out by the railroad tracks , in either Kentucky or North Carolina.
    As I was smoking it . . . it made my wrist watch feel out of place, like I should have had a pocket watch.
    And when I was finished . . . normally , I’d just stub out the cigar in the nearest ash tray and not even think twice about it, but with this cigar, it really did feel like I should have had a pipe to stuff the remainder in it and finish smoking it that way.

    To me , at the risk of misquoting history , after smoking this cigar , I could understand why the Arturo Fuente’s , the Monte Cristo’s, and every other Cuban and Central American cigar went on to take their place in cigar history the way that they did. It was quite simply was the next logical step in the evolution of a cigar.

    And maybe this is all in my own imagination . . . but if given a choice . . . I’d rather smoke a cigar that gives me the imagery of Panama Hats, Sandals, Beaches , and Oceans . . . or even a cigar the gives off the imagery of Mahogany , Cherry, Scotch , and Jazz Music . . . at the bare minimum . . . Sunday Morning with a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

    I definitely found it to be a Coal Miners Working on the Railroad Cigar VERSUS a cigar I would celebrate with, relax with, or even give as a gift.

    With all of this being said . . . there is something very relevant about this cigar, unfortunately just not in this day and age.

    I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a taste of history.
    And I would pair it with a washboard, a cotton gin, or a Chandler and Price printing press.

  • John

    I agree with the previous entry. Just pick this up at my local smoke shop in NJ. All I can say is I smoked this cigar to the stub. I did not want it to end. Even burn throughout. Held up from beginning right to the end. Great price for the value. This is my new go-to.

  • This is the most awesome cigar I have ever smoked. I’m a closet pipe smoker as well and this cigar has the exact flavor of my all time favorite pipe tobacco, Germains Special Latakia. You guys really knocked it out of the park on this one. Thank you for your creativity. My only gripe about this cigar is the small packaging and no boxes.

  • Carlos Morales

    One of the best cigars I’ve had so far

  • Santa Mike

    I would love to be on your test panel If you ever need someone. please consider Santa Mike. mmackey5656@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Moordred Pendragon

    Sadly the last two tins of these great cigars contained cigars that were cracked.
    I love these things
    I quit cigarette smoking with their help
    2 or 3 a day of fire cured ponies makes my day
    A truly wonderful product
    I couldn’t ask for better
    I only wish our local cigar shop carried more sizes of this great smoke