Liga Privada T52 Paper Casting by Scott Hicks

Liga Privada T52 Paper Casting by Scott Hicks

Today, we’ve got some more amazing Liga Privada artwork to show you guys! This time, it’s a beautiful paper casting from Scott Hicks. Scott explains the paper casting process below:

“It is called paper casting. I start out by making a posative out of clay, then I cast plaster over the clay, then remove the clay from the mold, next I use a mixture of cotton pulp and some stiffening agents, next it is formed into sort of a paper sheet and laid over the plaster mold, next you meticulously press the paper into the mold, then you go through and fill in all the voids, next you have to put weights on top of the casting to keep it from curling up and let it dry slowly. eventualy you remove it and paint it if you like, I chose the silver for this peice because of its deep dimension and angles and the way it reflects the light.”

This is definitely one of the coolest pieces of Liga artwork I’ve seen to date, well done Scott!

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