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Mirna’s life changed when a neighbor introduced her to TECHO guys, she is a mother of two boys: Jose (Seven years old) and Eduardo (Four years old); she works really hard collecting tobacco leafs in a farm, in the outskirts of Estelí.

Mirna’s parents shared the land with her, along with her other two brothers and one cousin; they gave her the space to build her house there so she could live with her husband Alberto, who works in construction, whenever he finds a job. She shared with us how her life was changed after meeting TECHO.

“I found out about TECHO because my neighbor called them one time she saw them in the streets; she explained them how my house was and the conditions we lived in. She helped me a lot.
My old room had leaking water in the roof top; my clothes and my bed were getting ruined by the rain. My dream was to own a house, have more space and work hard so I could save money to buy my own things and provide for my two children.

TECHO explained the process and I accepted the help. We only had to pay C$2,000 Córdobas, which is a small amount of money compared if we would have to do it on our own. They told me I could pay C$1,000 first and two weeks later the last amount; we saved the money by parts, thank God we both had steady jobs by then, so we could pay everything on time.

In the process, TECHO had activities for us, like workshops; it was very good because they taught us a lot. It was not only my family doing the workshops, we were a small group of people, beneficiaries of a house and we all participated. We talked about projects and the family goals; we shared stories, our needs and possible solutions.
The day of the construction was very nice as well. I will always remember, when the guys were digging the last piling they all wrote words for our family, their best wishes and each one of the volunteers said kind words for us. It was very emotional, I will never forget it because I have never seen a group of young people who they don’t know a lot about you and they are willing to motivate you and help you in any way they can, just like them.

We all work in the construction of the house, my father worked really hard and I was in charge of making the food and give them beverages through the day. The kids were so happy; they spent the day playing around in the construction and even the TECHO guys played with them. It was such a beautiful day!

Mirnas home

This house was a blessing! It doesn’t leak water anywhere, now I moved from my father’s house and live with my kids and my husband here. I can buy things and I’m not afraid the rain will damage them because now I live in a secure home. Little by little I am becoming more independent.

My family lives so much better now; sometimes I remember where I used to sleep and makes me sad, because I know there are other people in the same situation as I was. It’s hard to live like that and on the top of it, have to work so hard every day and know that you can’t fix it by only working hard, you have to eat, feed your family first, and unfortunately, the money only cover the food expenses.

Projects like this, give hope to the rest of the families in the neighborhood, because they feel like there are people who care, like TECHO guys and factories like Drew Estate; families in need have the hope that maybe one day, they could be the beneficiaries of a secure home.”
Mirna’s family is one of the many examples of overcrowding issues in slums, which is one of the main reasons TECHO seek to work with these families.

Please consider donating if you have the means. Even the smallest donation is appreciated. Thank you from all of us at Drew Estate.


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