Blog 3: Nicaraguan Cigar Festival 2011

Blog 3: Nicaraguan Cigar Festival 2011

By Jonathan Drew

Almost every morning of almost every day something truly magical happens to me. I wake up on a Nicaraguan mountain crest that overlooks an enchanted tobacco farm, while I sip a freshly brewed coffee and smoke a full bodied Nicaraguan cigar. Crisp, fresh mountain air fills my lungs as I break my over light eggs and watch the goo gently mix with the freshly sautéed ranchero sauce, sun baked beans and homemade bread. The sweet and sour orange juice that has been freshly squeezed for my enjoyment, excuse me … utmost enjoyment, sharply refreshes my palate and begs of me to choose my next sensation. Will it be more huevos rancheros, more rich black coffee, or maybe another pull on my T52 Toro? Yes. That’s right, simply “Yes.”

Typically, when I finish with this morning ritual, I repeat it (without more huevos rancheros of course) and deeply wonder about what new and exciting ways I can further promote this experience with cigar lovers throughout the world? For this, my friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts, Drew Estate has created Cigar Safari and we invite you to visit us at to book your 4 day tour for next season.

Today’s breakfast, however, was a bit different, as I pondered a new thought and challenge … With only a month before showtime, how do I promote the Second Annual Nicaraguan Cigar Festival? How do I explain to cigar lovers throughout the world that it is time to get clearance from your boss, your wife or husband, and call American, Continental, or Taca airlines to book your flight to Managua Airport, arriving on April 5th and departing April 9th?

The answer came to me today, during a fabulous chicken cordon bleu lunch, accompanied with a light, pink, cream sauce, a half loaf of Italian bread, and a freezing, if not piercing, diet coke … simply remind these guys and gals of the “Golden Era of Premium Tobacco” and “the good ole days of cigars” – which we just happen to be experiencing today in the undisputed Mecca of Cigars – Esteli, Nicaragua! Remind them of what it means to be a cigar connoisseur during these days, and how our passion can be unjustly removed from our lives by just one stroke of a cheap bic pen in Washington.

I had to ask myself … “What? Am I wrong? Am I too proud or overconfident in Nicaraguan tobaccos? Do I sound arrogant, or worse, full of shit?” Think not … just in love. Just in love with the Nicaraguan tobacco, the Nicaraguan people, the soil, the climate, the tastes, smells, and the sensuality that is distinctly Nicaragua. The beauty of Nicaraguan tobacco is simply undeniable to me, and must be thoroughly celebrated, along with the cast of characters who magically turn these wild, rebellious leaves into the finest premium cigars being produced anywhere in the world since the mid 1950’s.

Our consumers are the bloodline to this time honored tradition. They are the first images we conjure up when we finally walk out of our blending rooms and say “this is it, after two years of blending we finally have it – a masterpiece, something that we can be immensely proud of.” It’s a matter of passion, sharing, and community.

It’s now 4am in the morning and I am making myself very very hungry for breakfast, or as they say here, “desayuno.” I have to sleep! Please visit the website at for all the details, including the click and purchase $600 vacation package that assists us in financing this first class, secure, and historic event that you will never forget. And just to conclude, here is a list of the contributing Tobacco Guilders who will be participating in this years Festival:

Padron Cigars;
Joya de Nicaragua;
My Father Cigars (Pepin Garcia), including Tatuaje;
Oliva Cigar Company;
Placensia Tobaccos;
Scandinavian Tobaccos, including C.A.O;
AJ Fernandez Tobacalera;
San Rafael Tobacco;
Pavecusa Tobacco, including Rocky Patel; and
Drew Estate Tobacco Company.


Jonathan Drew

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