“Open Letter to My Friends” About Cigar Safari

“Open Letter to My Friends” About Cigar Safari

Below is a letter that Dave Mayer of Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop wrote for us to repost. First, thanks for writing Dave. We had the pleasure of being on the trip to Nicaragua with Dave, and he’s a great guy with a vast knowledge of cigars. We hope you enjoy his letter, and thanks for visiting.

Dave writes:

I just had the pleasure of being a guest of Drew Estate on a trip to Nicaragua under the impression that I was taking yet another standard trip to the tobacco farm. Dude and Dudettes, I could not have been more wrong.

First and foremost, Nicaragua is one of the world’s best kept secrets. It’s green, it’s beautiful, and the people are warm and friendly. Also, the American Dollar goes a long way (you get a lot for your money).

Drew Estate went out of their way to turn my business trip into an amazing vacation, as well. By mixing business with things such as a tour of an active volcano, a beautiful night in Granada, and a boat ride to Monkey Island on magnificent Lake Nicaragua, we were able to kick back and have a great time. And after all that, we motored through the mountains to Cigar Safari – an amazing private lodge attached to their beautiful factory in Esteli, high on a peak overlooking one of their fine tobacco farms.

The reason for this trip was to pick out the furnishing for the new Liga Privada Lounge, opening July 10th, 2010, at the all new Wooden Indian Tobacco Shop, 95 S Eagle Road (Next to the firehouse).

While on this trip I met Dave Puskavich, the owner of Leaning House Fine Cigars. After hanging out for a while, we found we have some things in common:

  1. We both own tobacco shops in the great state of Pennsylvania (one east, one west).
  2. We are simultaneously opening the only two Liga Privada Lounges in the world.
  3. We’re both named Dave.
  4. We have a great bunch of people who love Drew Estate products and good times.
  5. Our people both have a strong appreciation of the game of football, baseball, and ice hockey. (Nobody in Pennsylvania really cares about the 76ers). Unfortunately Dave Puskavich’s (a.k.a. Dave West) group is stuck with a bunch of the second rate teams … Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. Fortunately for my gang, Dave Mayer (a.k.a. Dave East) we have the ever-wonderful Philadelphia Eagles , starring Andy Reed, the Philadelphia Flyers a.k.a. the gold medal winning Canadian Olympic team , and the perfect baseball team , THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES!
  6. Both Dave East and Dave West are sure they have a winning golf team . Rumors of a mid-state golf tournament are in the mill (we have a bet that if we can get Marvin Samel onto a golf course, MIKE STAIBER will have to dress in whatever we tell him to – dress, tutu, bra and g-string, or just pants, jacket, and shirt that are to small (his everyday attire).
  7. Last but not least, we’re convinced that Marvin, Steve and Jon are conjoined triplets separated at birth, finding each other in Brooklyn.

With all these things in common, Dave West and I have decided to declare our stores SISTER SHOPS in order to share a lot of good times in the future, and to once again thank Drew Estate for our new Liga Privada Lounges and a wonderful cigar experience.

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