“What Drew Estate cigar are you?” Personality Quiz

acid cigars

Take the “What Drew Estate cigar are you?” Personality Quiz below and share it to be entered to win a box of Drew Estate cigars. Good luck, and spread the word!

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  • Apparently I am the Acid Kuba Kuba!

  • Robert P. Acosta

    Love those Kentucky fires!!!!

    • where can u get the Kentucky Fires. our store doesnt have them?? in paducah ky

  • Funny, never had an Acid and I am one!

  • Chad weyrich

    I haven’t found the Kentucky fire cured, or the undercrown! I want to try them!

  • David Whyte

    Kentucky Fire Cured

  • I got the Undercrown Corona Viva, which is actually the first Drew Estate cigar i ever smoked

  • James Grace

    LOL Figures I’m the Kentucky Fire Cured .. the one Drew Estate Cigar I’ve been trying to get with no luck so far.

  • jay reiniger

    I’m a dirty rat!

  • John Gemmellaro

    Looks like I am a Nica Rustica El Brujito. Nice.

  • Kuba Kuba!

  • Peter Morris

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly? Sure! I think I went to school with her.

  • Michael soller

    Cool says I’m a KFC…love that stick

  • Moses

    Dirty rat here! Wish I could finally find one at my B&M!

    • If you are ever in Philly go to Ashton Cigar bar

  • Steve C

    Tabak Especial Negra, guess I’ll have to try some when I can!

  • tim olivarez

    Liga Privada Dirty Rat

  • Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly, looking forward to trying one.

  • dan

    Test says I’m a KFC now I need try one Sherman_d@hotmail.com

  • I’m an Undercrown. Nice!

  • Tim McCabe

    Says I’m a Kuba Kuba. Great stick

  • Joe Workman

    Under r crown Corona Viva

  • Brian Impson

    Liga Privada Dirty Rat

  • Nica Rustica El Brujito

  • Bryan Smith

    KFC Fat Molly, YES PLEASE!

  • JarebFoosh

    Natural it is

  • Ron Steele

    Kentucky Fired Cured and BBQ Briskett. Sounds like a plan.

  • Jon Eriquezzo

    I got THE EGG! Now I’ll have to try one

  • Big Daddy

    Im Fat Molly

  • Marco Lebron

    Kentucky Fire Cured, How did you know? And the description was dead on!

  • B

    Nica Rustica! But I’ve smoked so many I’m already burnt out on them, lol.

  • Tito Aquino

    Acid Opulence 3

  • Nica Rustica El Brujito!

  • Cigar_afternoon

    I found out that I was a LP “Dirty Rat” hahaha In the words of my Idol “You Dirty Rat!”

  • ed

    nailed it.. i am what i smoke… kuba kuba for all my friends!!!

  • quentin mcclure

    gotta get my hands on KFC

  • Gabe Hernandez

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

  • Jefff Ketcham

    Kentucky and proud

  • Vin

    ACID Kuba Kuba

  • Dano

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

  • Jeremy Hughes

    Kentucky fire cured! Amazing

  • David gill

    Kuba kuba lol

  • Johan S

    Im a fat molly!!! Now i need to smoke on. Where in Europe can i get 1?

  • Drew

    Apparently I’m the Kentucky Fire Cured.. I need to try one now. Can’t find them though.

  • Lindsay Heller

    I’m a Nice Rustica just like John G…lol!

  • steven

    Im a dirty rat

  • scott unger

    Survey says kuba kuba, under crown is fave of the ones I’ve tried so far

  • JosiahWood

    Well guess I’m KFC I do enjoy them quite a bit

  • Cody

    kuba kuba

  • cdreich22@gmail.com

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

  • A dirty rat to bad I can’t get a box of my cigars lol

  • David

    Kowahbunga!!Kuba Kuba!!

  • jeff powell

    I’m an undercrown

  • Charity Hamilton

    ACID Kuba Kuba

  • Marc S.

    Another Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly, by golly!

  • Puzzling as my personal choice is a Herrera.

  • Frank D

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly now I need to try one of these.

  • Tim

    Yes I am a dirty rat.

  • John G.

    java maduro toro & mint drew estate
    are #1 with me

  • Jim Hofman

    I got Undercrown Corona Viva

  • Nica Rustica…apparently, I’m a witch doctor.

  • Pierre

    ACID Kuba Kuba. . . which was also my first Drew Estate cigar but definitely not my last!!

  • Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly and Single Barrel Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon

  • Seth B

    Kentucky Fire Cured, imagine that.

  • Drew Whittle

    KFC Fat Molly – Which I am dying to try, but aren’t available here YET.

  • Kentucky Fire Cured not so bad.

  • Austin C

    Dirty Rat

  • Mr.John

    ACID Kuba Kuba

  • Timothy Roller

    Today I am the ACID Kuba Kuba, last time I was the Tabak Especial. I love both of those cigars. I love the Undercrown for an after dinner- end of the day smoke… C’mon 5 days of Karma!!

  • Logan H

    I’m a Dirty Rat!

  • Kevin F

    Still Dirty?…but I knew that!

  • Abe M

    Undercrown Corona Viva here.

  • Chip F

    Acid Kuba Kuba… Yea, baby!

  • G. Frye

    Nica Rustica El Brujito – “The Witch Doctor of your friends. You’re a well traveled, highly cultured explorer. Mysterious, and maybe a bit of a hipster.”

  • Michael Glykas aka LOUBAMA.

    I smell like bacon. I can also fly. I’m a fat feral pig. Wu tang forever. Boom.

  • Kentucky fire cured!

  • I’m a dirty rat!

  • Sean Mason

    Im a Feral Pig! Hands down, the best cigar in the world!!

  • scott worley

    Kuba Kuba

  • T.J.

    Perfect! Nica I’s am!

  • Rob

    I am a Acid Kuba Kuba, First cigar I ever had was a Kuba Kuba. been hooked ever since!

  • Bob Gooding

    Recommendation is kentucky cure. Ok I’ll try one. My usual is a Kuba Maduro or an Opulence.

  • Ken W Stradling

    Makes sense I am A Kentucky boy. But Kuba Maduro holds a special place in my heart

  • el

    Yep! 100% correct. Kuba Kuba is my favorite, specially the Kuba Grande.

  • Joe

    A KFC for me and im from KY dear God i truly must be a redneck

  • JB (the original)

    I’m an “Egg”. and apparently would smoke anything. WTH?

  • Kuba Kuba

  • Don

    It’s kinda funny, was picked for Undercrown. Just had one last night and may be my favorite Drew Estate so far!

  • Luis

    I’m an El Brujito

  • Josh Dionio

    Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

  • Julie Tarrance

    This was accurate

  • John Ebann

    The “Rat” is in!

  • Ray

    Yeah !! KubaKuba !!! “So Nice They named it TWICE” 🙂

  • It nailed me… Kuba Kuba for sure!!

  • Kuba Kuba is a great cigar.

  • Rick O’Connor

    Kentucky fire cured!

  • J. Hering

    Love these cigars, such an incredible taste with a glass of scotch

  • Phill Visco

    I got Tabak Especial Negra. Pretty dead on. The Tabak (Negra) and the Undercrown are my two go to Drew Estates.

  • A Huge Nerd

    Acid Kuba Kuba… Not quite 😉

  • Mike DB

    Acid Kuba Kuba! Very close!