this week in review volume 2

This Week In Review Volume 2

Welcome back to our new segment, called “This Week In Review”. In case you missed it last week, This Week In Review is a place to show some love for those of you around the net who are giving our cigars a fair review. We loving hearing feedback on our cigars, and love it even more when you guys like them. We know that traffic is king on the internet, so hopefully we can help some of our fellow cigar lovers out. Enjoy the reviews below, and maybe consider picking a few of the cigars up at your local shop if they sound tasty!

  • The Stick Stickler reviews our ACID Kuba Kuba and gives it a 91 rating! Read the review here.
  • Cigar Aficionado shares some information about the release of Nica Rustica. Read about it here.
  • Jeff Barnes does a video review of the MUWAT. Watch the review here.
  • Cigars International does a 30 second video review of Nica Rustica. Watch it here.
  • Smoking Hot Cigar Chick published a series of videos from their trip to Nicaragua. Watch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.