my uzi weighs a ton digital son 6

Win A Bundle of MUWAT Digital Son 6 Cigars

We are giving away 5 bundles of the brand new MUWAT Digital Son 6. The Digital Son 6 is the newest size in the MUWAT line. It is a 5×42 sized corona, and is sure to please fans of smaller ring gauges. The Digital Son 6 is an exclusive for Outland Cigars in Charlotte, NC, but you can get yours here before they’re released to the public. Enter now below using the giveaway widget, and tell your friends!


  • I bet the Corona will be my favorite size, love smaller gauged cigars.

    • Havoc47

      LOVED the Corona!!!

  • Favorite UZI has to be Baitfish or +11!

  • these sound awesome!

  • Justin B

    The bait fish & +11 have to be my favorites from the muwat series.

  • Russ

    Great stuff Johnny and DE, you guys are stackin it up!

  • Right now I’m really digging the baitfish!

  • I really like the Bait Fish 1st… I have 4 of each of the 60RGs, and of them the 6×60 was my fav.

  • Baitfish!

  • 6×60

  • John

    Got to smoke a test blend. Probably the best MUWAT blend to date and I can only imagine what a little age will do for these…

  • Would love to try this if I win or when I find them at my local B&M.

  • Jeff Rice

    5×60 is my fav

  • Thanks for the contest as always, guys – great stuff! I’m a Bait Fish man myself, but I’ll see how the Digital Son matches up!

  • jpastin


  • Love the MUWAT especially the Baitfish. Looking forward to trying it in a corona vitola.

  • love me some baitfish

  • Drew Estate’s and Joya de Nicaragua’s MUWAT is such a good smoke. I hope to get a chance to try this new size!

  • love the toro’s

  • Another MUWAT? AWESOME! Looking forward to the Digital Son 6.

  • Uzi with a silencer, DS 6

  • Awesome, and in my favorite vitola! Thanks

  • God i love Drew Estate.

    Favorite Size = Bait Fish.

  • Ryan Ramplin

    Hopefully this size is my favorite size. So far I have not enjoyed a MUWAT. Have only had the 60RG sizes though.

  • I enjoyed my 1st “MUWAT” on the golf course this fall….my new favorite stick!

  • I wish I could get them where I’m at.

  • I haven’t tried the MUWAT yet, but I’d like to!

  • Cigar Surgeon

    You guys are going nuts with the contests, I love it!

  • My favorite size is the +11. Thanks for the contest!

  • Cigar Surgeon

    My favorite UZI size would probably be the baitfish.

  • corona

  • I love the 7×60.

  • I perfer the Presidente Maduro..

  • Cant Wait!

  • Bill Rowe

    Drew Estate my favorite cigar brand – love the Tabak and would love to try these out!

  • I love that you guys are bringing out lines in the smaller ring guages. I know people are scared of smoking anything not a robusto or churchill it seems but I for one feel there is a size for every occasion.,

  • Another giveaway?! Awesome. I am yet to have any MUWAT, but will surely try a Bait Fish soon as I’m usually a fan of the smaller ring gauges

  • David Scott

    +11 Baby!

  • My favorite UZI size is the Baitfish, but these Digital Son 6 sizes interest me.

  • My favorite Uzi size is the 5×60

  • shawn

    MUWAT Toro size big boy status!

  • Eddie Diaz

    Awesome! never had these before.

  • My favorite? Le Bait Fish!

  • Can’t wait to try.

  • michael kavouras

    From baitfish to the 7×70…MUWAT comes heavy

  • LOVE the Baitfish size! Looking forwards to this tweek!

  • Cannot wait for this to drop! Love the Baitfish and +11, this will bridge the two.

  • Ben Johnson

    My wife is a big fan of the Baitfish, I prefer the 5×60 myself

  • Wow sounds like an exciting blend looking forward to trying it!

  • ptyler

    Love the smaller ring gauges…this one sounds like it will hit the spot!

  • My favorite vitola is the baitfish!

  • I love the MUWAT +11…though i have yet to figure out why it is called the +11…

    Love your sticks, keep up the great work!

  • My fav Uzi size is the 5×60. Haven’t tried the baitfish yet.

  • My favorite size especialy this time of year! Cant wait to try them!!!

  • Im looking forward to another great cigar from DE!

  • Travis S

    Another great giveaway. Drew Estate never disappoints. Always amazing.

  • Tex

    They are all my fav size!

  • I LOVE all of them so far, but my favorite size is the 6X60

  • Looking forward to this. I enjoyed the 6×60 uzi!

  • Awesome giveaway!

  • I have never tried the UZI line, this would be my first.

  • Mike Helder

    These would be nice in the cold michigan weather!

  • Mike Helder

    Summer 7×60 – winter baitfish….size depends on the weather.

  • Another awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance, my favorite Uzi is the +11

  • You guys are the greatest!

  • I’m a huge Bait Fish fan! Flavor packed into a small package. Love ’em!!

  • My favorite UZI size is the +11!

  • Love me some coronas.

  • I love the size 60!!!

  • nick wast

    +11 no doubt

  • Bait Fish!

  • Rex Mercer

    My favorite size is the Bait Fish and +11 without a doubt.

  • Vernon E. Warner, Jr.

    MUWAT are fantastic, love them all, but baitfish are my absolute favorite for a quick smoke.

  • Favorite size is the robusto!

  • Robert Levy

    Q: What’s your favorite Uzi size

    A: Well, this Digital Son 6 WILL be when it comes out!

  • 007MI6

    Nice! I still need to buy a bundle of baitfish, favorite size so far, but this new size sounds sweet! Loving the smaller ring gauges lately. Thanks again, for yet another giveaway!

  • My favorite size is the Robusto.

  • Looks goood!!!!

  • I’m digging the Baitfish, but I love all of them!

  • Thomas

    the bait fish is my favorite size!!

  • I think the BaitFish is my favorite size so far.

  • I love the Baitfish!

  • My favourite uzi size so far is the Bait Fish!

  • Love me a Robusto MUWAT!!

  • Still didn’t have the change to smoke one, but the MUWAT’s look very nice!

  • chris

    Baitfish are the love of my life, perfect size and flavor. Would love love love to break into a pack of the new digital son 6

  • I have never had a MUWAT and I am a fan of smaller ring cigars.

  • Baitfish for now but I assume Digital 6 will be my new Fav!

  • Another great DE contest. Totally enjoy the 5×60 Uzi and can’t wait to try a Digital Son 6

  • Big Dave

    I really like the +11 size but the baitish is hands down my favorite. will be interested I’m trying the new Digital Son 6

  • Looking foward to trying smaller sizes of the MUWATs

  • My favorite vitola is the Corona, so these MUWAT’s are just right for me!

  • Jason

    Love the Baitfish

  • MUWAT is my new favorite stick – and I love the Kuba Maduro….tough call!

  • Love the MUWAT!

  • My favorite size MUWAT is a 5×60 Robusto
    Thanks for running the contest!

  • MUAT? Gotta try my chance at entering! My favorite size so far is the 5×60.

  • Patrick Lagreid

    Favorite UZI size is the 6×60, though the Bait Fish is pretty darn good when a shorter cigar is needed.

  • Bfarrell

    ive had a few of the smaller “bait fish ” sized

  • BlindEyeCigars

    Thanks for the contest! I love the baitfish and bet I will love this one as well.

  • Even if Im the only one around, i stil get looks when walking around smoking the Muwat churchill.

  • JaggedSuplex

    Glad smaller vitolas are being made. I would love to try one

  • Edward Ryan

    My favorite size of the MUWAT so far is the baitfish!

  • Mo


  • So far the Bait Fish has been my favorite MUWAT, however this Digital Son 6 being in the corona size may take its place.


  • Jordan

    i love the baitfish!

  • Fav UZI size? The Toro. No doubt.

  • Brian selby

    Love the bait fish and the muwat 11 the digital son is right up my ally, hope to win

  • What is your favorite UZI size? 6×60

  • Robusto

  • Love to win a 5 pack love these cigars. Great flavors and huge smoke

  • Christopher Allen

    Awesome giveaway!

  • My favorite MUWAT size is the baitfish. I can’t wait to give these a try.

  • Brent Chin

    6×60 son!

  • J Cartwright

    My favorite size is the Bait Fish. Looking forward to giving the Corona a try.

  • the Muwat+11

  • Dan

    Love the Toro!

  • 6 X 60 ftw!

  • My favorite so far would definitely be the bait fish, the others are so massive. Love the MUWAT and all things Drew Estate.

  • My favorite UZI size is the 7×60 Churchill, but I don’t mind trying different sizes. Sometimes the flavors are better!

  • I can’t wait to try the corona…love the cigar, but not a big fan of 60 ring guages!

  • Like the bait fish, will probably love these…

  • My Favorite size Uzi is the 6X60

  • adamthinks

    Hope to smoke these soon! Love the corona size.

  • who won

  • Scott

    This is the first time I have been to this site. I just finish my first RED EYE I just can’t tell you how much I injoyed that smoke ! Wow Thank You !