Undercrown 10 Cigars

Date: 03/22/22 Category:
Celebrating a decade of dedication, Undercrown 10 narrates a deeply passionate and spiritual brand journey, which we’ve entitled “All Dekk’d Out.” From a truly humble and unanticipated beginning, the Undercrown frontmark has led a diverse squadron of new-wave cigar aficionados from all walks of life. Undercrown 10 is undeniably big and bold, yet subtly nuanced. Presenting a flavorful and complex smoking experience of Mexican Hot Chocolate, this expression transitions from earthy sweetness and waves of black pepper spice to notes of sun-dried cherries, raisins and cacao.
Name Size Quantity
Corona Viva 5.00 x 43 Box / 20
Robusto 5.00 x 50 Box / 20
Toro 6.00 x 52 Box / 20
Corona Doble 7.00 x 50 Box / 20