Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars

kentucky fire cured
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Southern hospitality, backyard bbq’s and the more than two hundred year-old Kentucky backwoods tradition of fire-curing tobacco inspire the smoky goodness of Drew Estate’s Kentucky Fire Cured cigars, which pay homage to the old masters of the fire-curing tradition that imparted a smoky essence to the leaves. After sending this legendary American tobacco from deep in the Kentucky countryside to La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Esteli, Nicaragua, the company’s expert cigarmakers paired it with rich Nicaraguan dark, air-cured filler tobaccos and the savory legend of the Kentucky Fire Cured brand was born.

Kentucky Fire Cured

A smoky and delicious taste is balanced between the Kentucky seed fire-cured wrapper and the filler blend that’s loaded with rich Nicaraguan dark, air-cured tobacco, creating the savory smoking experience for which Kentucky Fire Cured cigars have become known. The original Kentucky Fire Cured cigar features a double wrapper of a fire-cured Tapa Negra leaf at the head and a Mexican San Andres Maduro leaf at the foot.

Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets

A premium sweet-tipped masterpiece, Kentucky Fire Cured Sweet takes the brand to the next level. The sweetened tip is a delicious premium aperitif, tantalizingly leading you into a big backyard barbecue feast. Kentucky Fire Cured Sweet whets your palate for smoky delicious maple bacon, bourbon and barbecue.

Just A Friend 6.00 x 52 Bundle / 10
Fat Molly 5.00 x 56 Bundle / 10
Chunky 4.00 x 46 Bundle / 10
Flying Pig* 3 15/16 x 60 Box / 12


*Not available in Sweets