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Date: 03/29/13 Category:

Tabak Especial is a really special cigar that I have worked on for over 5 years. Perfecting all of the nuances that we learned in the making of Kahlua Cigars Delicioso. We present our new Coffee Infused cigar in two styles, Dulce & Negra, using the very finest Nicaraguan tobaccos & Nicaragua estate grown coffee. Tabak Especial is truly a work of art that will appeal to even the most die-hard traditionalist – smooth and easy to enjoy!”

– Jonathan Drew

At Drew Estate, we have taken the art of blending premium cigars to new heights. Slowly infusing the ultra-rich Nicraguan tobaccos with the finest coffee essences from the fertile lush mountains of Jinotega & Matagalapa. Offering in 2 varieties: “Negra”, a dark rich Maduro cigar and “Dulce”, a smoother shade grown Connecticut smoke. Tabak Especial is pure tobacco velvet on the palate with a divine aroma.

Belicoso 5.00 x 54 Box / 24
Colada 4.00 x 38 Box / 40
Corona 4.75 x 46 Box / 24
Robusto 5.00 x 54 Box / 24
Toro 6.00 x 52 Box / 24
Gordito 6.00 x 60 Box / 10
Tabak Tins “Cafecita” 4.00 x 32 Tin / 10