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Welcome to the official landing page for Drew Estate IPCPR 2015. We’re giving away 10 PRIZE PACKS including our new releases from IPCPR 2015. This includes 2 singles of each size of Undercrown Shade, Nica Rustica, Herrera Estelí Norteño Edicion Limitada, Liga Privada Ratzilla, and Herrera Estelí Tubos. That’s 26 cigars per winner! There will be 10 winners in all, so register for our promotion and be entered to win!

Scroll down to check out all our new releases, as well as video from our booth at IPCPR. All the IPCPR action at Drew Estate will be hash-tagged #DEIPCPR.


  • Contest sponsored by SWI-DE, LLC 12415 SW 136th Ave., Suite 7, Miami, FL 33186.
  • Entrants must reside in the United States. MA, MI, VA, RI is excluded.
  • Odds of winning depend on number of entries during the respective period leading up to each Drawing Date.
  • Taxes and fees, if any, are the responsibility of the winner.
  • Employees of SWI-DE, LLC are ineligible.
  • This contest is void where prohibited by law and subject to local, state and federal law.
  • To enter, follow the steps listed above. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  • The contest ends July 23rd, 2015 at 5pm EST.
  • You may enter once per day. Let’s keep the spam to a minimum.
  • Must be 21 years or older to participate.
  • No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified via email within 48 hours of the drawing date.
  • Winners must respond within 7 days to claim prize.
  • Full Terms & Conditions are located within widget.

New Releases


Undercrown Shade:

Drew Estate will be launching a new line extension to their Undercrown line – “Undercrown Shade”, a Connecticut Shade- wrapped cigar brand that will join the original San Andres-wrapped line. The final blend is medium-bodied, lush & ultra-smooth, flavors that only a shade grown wrapper can deliver.


Herrera Estelí Norteño Edicion Limitada Churchill:

Drew Estate will be releasing a new Edicion Limitada in the Herrera Estelí Norteño line. The new Herrera Estelí Norteño Edicion Limitada will be presented in a 7×48 Parejo Prensado Churchill vitola and will be packaged in 15-count boxes.


Herrera Estelí Tubos:

In the Herrera Estelí line, Drew Estate will be introducing Herrera Estelí Tubos in the 6” x 52 Toro size (MSRP $11.50), presented in 10-count boxes. This new packaging option will begin shipping to DDRP retailers in October 2015.

Nica_Rustica_Belly_SR_600x600 6.22.49 AM

Nica Rustica “Belly” & Short Robusto Vitolas:

Drew Estate announced that they would be introducing their new Nica Rustica “Belly” and Nica Rustica Short Robusto sizes in stores nationwide starting in August 2015. The new sizes include the 7 1⁄2 x 54 belicoso-shaped “Belly” (MSRP $7.95) as well as the 4 1⁄2 x 50 Short Robusto (MSRP $5.95).


Liga Privada Único Serie Ratzilla:

Drew Estate announced today that the Liga Privada Único Serie Ratzilla would be launched as a limited release to retailers participating in Drew Estate’s Drew Diplomat Retailer Program. The Ratzilla is one of the most sought-after blends in the Liga Privada Único Serie line and has only seen a handful of retail releases to date. The Ratzilla, presented in a 6 ¼ x 46 parejo vitola, is a favorite among collectors and this new launch will mark the largest release to date.


Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco “Reserva Especial”:

Joya de Nicaragua proudly announces the release of Cuatro Cinco – Reserva Especial, a carefully modified recipe containing a unique and exceptional selection of barrel-aged Grade A fillers and a beautiful silky shade-grown habano wrapper from the legendary Jalapa valley. Distinct from the Limited Edition, it also incorporates a carefully selected volado dominican binder.

Balmoral Anejo XO Petit Robusto FT_4323

Agio Balmoral Añejo XO

The Añejo XO will come in three ´vitolas´. Next to the already existing models, Rothschild Masivo (MSRP $9.90) and the torpedo shaped Mk52 (MSRP $10.95), a Petit Robusto FT (MSRP $8.50) will be added to the Añejo range. FT, short for Flag Tail, comes recommended as the short smoke alternative for the Rothschild Masivo and the Mk52. This Petit Robusto FT has a ring gauge of 48 and carries a lower price than its brothers, making the Añejo taste accessible to a wider audience.

Videos from IPCPR 2015

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  1. Je 07/16/15 Reply


  2. Brandon 07/16/15 Reply

    I would love to win some great Drew Estate Cigars – the only brand I smoke!

  3. David Bortolotti 07/16/15 Reply

    Nice new line

  4. Andrew Tkacs 07/16/15 Reply

    Been a Fan from the very beginning. Keep up the good work, you have certainly created a culture and a superior brand.

  5. Dan 07/16/15 Reply

    I would love to give your newest cigars a try!

  6. pete scalise 07/16/15 Reply

    really good stuff, especially in a world where not-so-good stuff predominates

  7. John 07/16/15 Reply

    This is exciting my kind of contest fine cigars the prize. Gonna look for my rabbits foot for luck.

  8. John 07/16/15 Reply

    Looking good!!!

  9. Gordon R Stephens 07/16/15 Reply

    Drew Estate, epitomizes what cigars are all about

  10. PJ 07/16/15 Reply

    I love Drew Estate. They have something for everyone!!!!

  11. John Kana 07/16/15 Reply

    Ive given up smoking everything else. Im strictly on the Drew Estate tip. Please let me win.

  12. Pat Genty 07/16/15 Reply

    What full size cigar have the same tobacco and flavor of the Wafe Cigar would the Kuba Kuba taste like the Wafe, which I very much enjoy but would like it in a more traditional smoke.
    I just tried 5 of the Java’s and the Tobacco was good but I was expecting a little more Drew Magic.
    Remember to send them a sail mail thank you if you are one of the winners, that’s the least we can do.

  13. Leo Kovel 07/16/15 Reply

    Drew Estates is the reason I still smoke cigars today.

  14. Still Bob 07/16/15 Reply

    Drew Estate cigars…a classy smoke every time!

  15. Kevin Leitgeb 07/16/15 Reply

    Can’t get enough Drew Estates Cigars !!!!!!

  16. craig 07/16/15 Reply

    My favorite line

  17. Danny Conyers 07/16/15 Reply

    Got to love Drew….

  18. Myesha 07/16/15 Reply

    Pick me. Pick me.

  19. ted nelson 07/16/15 Reply

    Come on….WIN!

  20. Conrad Gast 07/16/15 Reply

    Great cigars, at a great price. Nothing like a Drew Estate by the campfire, and a cold adult beverage.

  21. Ron Colelli 07/16/15 Reply

    just getting better all the time, thanks

  22. Steve Head 07/16/15 Reply

    Great cigars! I like it, i love it, I want all of it!

  23. Chris hodge 07/16/15 Reply

    Best tasting cigars ever

  24. john 07/16/15 Reply

    Really good cigars !!

  25. Linford Faucett 07/16/15 Reply

    I am a great fan of the Tabak Especiale Robusto Negra, I smoke after dinner,very smooth and relaxing.

  26. misterwax 07/16/15 Reply

    I could use a little good luck nowadays… I think I am due for a win!

  27. Jerry Faulk 07/16/15 Reply

    Man, I’d love to win this. 2 hours away and can’t make it to IPCPR this weekend in New Orleans. Would be great to win this sampler.

  28. Toni 07/16/15 Reply

    This is all our spoiled boys smoke. They love the flavor and even burn. This would be an huge score on my best Girlfriend, Aunt and sister card.

  29. Joe Parisi 07/16/15 Reply

    Love me some drew estates. Wish me luck.

  30. matt oswald 07/16/15 Reply

    Win awesome cigars

  31. Ronda Davis 07/16/15 Reply

    My husband and I enjoy Drew Estates Cigars

  32. Rick Hubata 07/16/15 Reply

    More great Drew Estate cigars to place in my CigarFest 2015 Drew Estates humidor! Please let ME win.

  33. Dexter 07/16/15 Reply

    Sounds real good

  34. Jim Young 07/16/15 Reply

    Jonathan might as well send them to me.

  35. Tom Hoyer 07/16/15 Reply

    Lots of good smokers here.

  36. Darcy L. Fossum 07/16/15 Reply

    Love your Cigars!! can’t wait for to get to Deadwood soon to get some more!!!!

  37. The more the merrier! Mucho gusto!

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  39. Mike h 07/16/15 Reply

    If I win I will definitely send some to our troops!!

  40. Kimberly ohl 07/16/15 Reply

    See you soon:)

  41. Dan 07/16/15 Reply

    Looks tasty!

  42. Andrew 07/16/15 Reply

    Good luck to all.

  43. Mike Young 07/16/15 Reply

    I’ll bring them to barn smoker Ky.

  44. Vincent 07/16/15 Reply

    Give me some of the goodness Please !!!!!

  45. Tim 07/16/15 Reply

    I’m looking forward to sampling more of these fine cigars :)

  46. Vincent 07/16/15 Reply

    Drew Estates makes the best smokes ever! !!!!!

  47. Kelly Oneal 07/16/15 Reply

    I neeeed!!!!!!!!

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    Looking forward to the Undercrown Shade

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    Show me the honey!!

  51. Rod Browne 07/16/15 Reply

    It’s going to be all me. I need these sticks!!!!

  52. Dave Ness 07/16/15 Reply

    Tabak Especial is cigar of choice. What is your cigar of choice?

  53. John Brunetti 07/16/15 Reply

    LOVE ALL your cigars !!!

  54. ron 07/16/15 Reply

    Slim chance to win some great cigars. But always be loyal to drew estate line

  55. Dave Ness 07/16/15 Reply

    That reminds me, time to go out on the deck and enjoy a stick to close out the evening. See ya later!

  56. Pablo Martinez 07/16/15 Reply

    I have tried every one of your blends, winning this wouldn’t be cool it would be bragging rights. ” Make me famous please”.

  57. Paul van schaick 07/16/15 Reply

    Would love to win. Would bring a smile yo my face.

  58. Alan Rohloff 07/16/15 Reply

    Doesn’t get any better than Drew Estate!

  59. Bruce Henry 07/16/15 Reply

    Love some de swag…

  60. Greg Billington 07/16/15 Reply

    I am totally in Love with the Tabak Especial coffee infused cigars, smoking Nazi’s are not upset with the smell, great to chew on,easy lite and easy draw and you do not push them or they would be eveywhere. I live in California and have Never found them in Any Cigar store, and that is a shame. I would like to know some history on the Tabak. Truly a fine mild cigar, no after bite and smooth as glass. Greg Billington 7-16-15

  61. Kenny 07/16/15 Reply

    The best keep getting better

  62. Tino Mocreia 07/16/15 Reply

    I love your cigars special the copper Lego

  63. Wesley Monroe 07/16/15 Reply

    Thats a fantastic prize pack!!!

  64. Tony 07/16/15 Reply

    Cant wait to try the Undercrown shade

  65. Paul Butler 07/16/15 Reply

    If only

  66. PaulButler 07/16/15 Reply

    If only I could win I’d smoke them

  67. J 07/16/15 Reply

    Why is MA excluded?

  68. Michael 07/16/15 Reply

    Sounds good

  69. Rogelio 07/17/15 Reply

    Don’t bother entering they belong to me!!!!!

  70. Bill Esser 07/17/15 Reply

    Drew Estate ……. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot !!!!!!

  71. Kountry Black 07/17/15 Reply

    Cant wait to try them out. Keep up the G8 WORK

  72. Daniel Kemp 07/17/15 Reply

    Excellent as always Jonathan and crew!

  73. LD 07/17/15 Reply

    Drew Estates Rocks!

  74. big tex 07/17/15 Reply

    I stay winning #deipcpcr

  75. I’ve been loving the Nica Rustica!!! Winning would make the my crappy week much brighter, and give me a chance to try some of the others!!! Just blew $1K on car repairs and a tow. COME ON DREW ESTATES! :)

  76. Carlos Chavana 07/17/15 Reply

    Dreaming of the Ratzillas!!!

  77. Edward Wileczek 07/17/15 Reply

    JD don’t ever stop making such good cigars! Thanks

  78. Matt Pickering 07/17/15 Reply

    The explosion of variety, tastes, and experiences is endless…keep’em coming!

  79. thom coleman 07/17/15 Reply

    drew the official cigar of ME

  80. Pete Kelleher 07/17/15 Reply

    I’m cursed. I live in MA, one of only 4 states that prevent me from entering the contest. Ridiculous!! Good luck everyone

  81. RICK B 07/17/15 Reply

    LUV THOSE LIGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Bruce Ramsey 07/17/15 Reply

    I would like to try al crews cigars . but you can’t bet acid kuba

  83. Chuck Blocker 07/17/15 Reply

    I would love to add these cigars to my smoking rotation. I can always make some temporary room in my cigar cabinet between the boxes of Acids and Under Crowns, of course they probably won’t last long!

  84. ed 07/17/15 Reply


  85. Danny vigil 07/17/15 Reply

    BOOM!!! That’s what I’m talking about!! Can’t wait !!!

  86. Fox Dorland 07/17/15 Reply

    I am going to love these cigars when I win.

  87. Mark Lantieri 07/17/15 Reply

    Drew Estates sticks are the best !

  88. bob deuel 07/17/15 Reply

    Just ordered another batch of Drew Estate cigars thr;ough CI……………Great taste!!!

  89. Mark 07/17/15 Reply

    Definitely some of the best out there.

  90. Joe Giordano 07/17/15 Reply

    Looks tasty, but I never win at these things.

  91. david flowers 07/17/15 Reply

    Would Love to win this prize pack !!!!!

  92. charles f sippel jr 07/17/15 Reply

    If you dont like that first bite on your tong smoke Drew estate they are all smoth to smoke great cigars.

  93. Scott 07/17/15 Reply

    When I puff on a Drew, I love feeling Nasty!

  94. howard villa 07/17/15 Reply

    puros fantasticos

  95. Danny uribe 07/17/15 Reply

    I want to try those.

  96. Marquitta 07/17/15 Reply

    A true quality brand.

  97. Sure would appreciate a win…

  98. Rachel Garcia 07/17/15 Reply

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  99. Mark Taylor 07/17/15 Reply

    Would love to win , drew estate makes great cigars

  100. Jason Gross 07/18/15 Reply

    God I hope I win! But one day I will be at the IPCPR burning a stick with JD and Mr. Herrera in person. Thats my goal! Viva la Gran Fabrica!

  101. Irish hopper 07/18/15 Reply

    Drew rules!!

  102. Jeffro Johnson 07/18/15 Reply

    What a superb selection. If by chance I win , everyone here meet me in the OuterBanks and I’ll share on the beach while fishing!

  103. Ken Cooper 07/18/15 Reply

    Great cigars and good people!

  104. Manny Garcia 07/18/15 Reply

    Yeah buddy!!!

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    Can’t wait to relax with these great cigars !

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    Would be an amazing win!

  108. Sally H. 07/19/15 Reply

    Can’t wait!

  109. Pete 07/19/15 Reply

    Great cigar to go with my fine bourbon :)

  110. Adam 07/19/15 Reply

    This says you can enter once per day but I haven’t been allowed to enter more than once. I have 4 entries according to the form. Is that normal?

  111. Paul Butler 07/20/15 Reply


  112. Pete Hyde 07/20/15 Reply

    I need to Win!!!!!

  113. Bryan U 07/20/15 Reply

    Drew Estates Rocks!!!!! I want to win some.

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    Good luck Mitchel

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    Great cigar love the liga

  116. Bob Serra 07/20/15 Reply

    It was great meeting Drew at Cigarfest.

  117. Vincent 07/20/15 Reply


  118. Greg Hill 07/20/15 Reply

    Great Cigars!

  119. U Dent 07/20/15 Reply

    Drew Estate set a tone when it comes to stogies.

  120. joe cohen 07/20/15 Reply

    The best flavor combinations in the industry!

  121. Josh G 07/20/15 Reply

    Man you guys have the best contests- sucks I am in Canada. Like a kick in the nuts every time I look at the prizes. Awesome cigars, wicked ashtrays, clothing … the sacrifices for “not even close to free” health care

  122. Charles Huff 07/20/15 Reply

    Drew Estate cigars are the only brand I smoke anymore.

  123. Zachary D 07/20/15 Reply

    Can’t wait to try!

  124. David 'Pod' Podurgiel 07/20/15 Reply

    I continue to smoke and promote the Kuba Kuba;s and Cold Infusion Tea, simply the best, IMA.

  125. Gary 07/20/15 Reply

    Winning once is on my bucket list

  126. Don C Brown 07/20/15 Reply

    Great Contest

  127. Joe Parks 07/20/15 Reply

    one of the best that i have ever smoked

  128. lisa 07/20/15 Reply

    My love and I can’t get enough of Drew Estate. We have been smokin them for years. I really enjoy the “dirts”! My husband like them all! Thnak you!

  129. Henry 07/20/15 Reply

    The cigars are a great smoke and i hope i win.

  130. Carl Lindstr 07/20/15 Reply

    Enjoy your cigars!

  131. Terry Crawford 07/20/15 Reply

    DE4L, fo sho!

  132. Frank Guerra 07/20/15 Reply

    Looking forward to the SHADE

  133. James Paul Hughes 07/20/15 Reply

    I can’t wait to try the new cigars

  134. Andy 07/20/15 Reply

    This contests, as usual, is made nearly impossible to enter. I don’t have twitter so… Stick to making cigars and not doing contests. You may need some PR/marketing help.

    • Drew Estate 07/21/15 Reply

      All you have to do is enter an email address, Andy. Not too tough.

      • Tim m 07/25/15 Reply

        Do you know if the winners were emailed yet?

  135. Ted 07/20/15 Reply

    Can,t wait to try!!!!

  136. Ken 07/20/15 Reply

    “Drew Estate” a wonderful smoking world to live in!!

  137. Chris 07/20/15 Reply

    Love Drew Estate

  138. John Mendiboure 07/20/15 Reply


  139. Rusty 07/20/15 Reply

    Sounds good

  140. Kevin 07/20/15 Reply

    This would be an awesome win fro an awesome company. Very great cigars

  141. Mike Moore 07/20/15 Reply

    Can’t wait to try the new ones!

  142. Chris B 07/20/15 Reply

    Gimme some Ratzilla

  143. Rudy Gutierrez 07/20/15 Reply

    I have tried them all but I keep going back to the Blondie and the C Notes. Looking forward to trying the new ones but in-between I can assure you there will be a Blondie and a few C Notes.

  144. Rudy Gutierrez 07/20/15 Reply

    Too much to read, thought I would love to win some cigars; it is easier to just go buy them. :)

  145. Bruce Henry 07/20/15 Reply

    Undercrown shade sounds like a winner

  146. De Vaughn Yarbrough 07/20/15 Reply

    Let’s rock and good luck to everyone.

  147. Kevin 07/20/15 Reply

    Alas, I live in one of the can’t-enter states. But I wish you all luck with the cigars and events, and I shall continue to enjoy the Nica Rustica cigars.

  148. Stevo 07/21/15 Reply

    Drew Ligas & Undercrowns Rule! Excellent! Keep on keeping it real!

  149. Dane 07/21/15 Reply

    Herrera Esteli is my cigar. Don’t care so much for the acids, but Drew Estate has some fine smokes. Bests regards, Dane

  150. Phil 07/21/15 Reply


  151. Joseph Sales 07/21/15 Reply

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway JD & Drew Estates!!!

  152. Brian 07/21/15 Reply


  153. Lou 07/21/15 Reply

    All Drew Estate cigars pack a punch and still and mild smokes, no harshness, no bitterness.

  154. Larry D 07/21/15 Reply

    Excited to try these new offerings. Would be happy to win one.

  155. Rod Browne 07/21/15 Reply

    I need this

  156. Charles Sippel 07/21/15 Reply

    The best

  157. John Bockkom 07/21/15 Reply

    I live in the southeast of the Netherlands and in a cigar store about 1hr. away I found Undercrows. Well I’m in love. Thankyou Drew Estate.What a great cigar!

  158. Stephane veilleux 07/21/15 Reply

    best cigars no doubt

  159. Robin 07/21/15 Reply

    Thoroughly enjoy their cigars!

  160. Rich 07/21/15 Reply

    Nice Giveaway!

  161. Rachel Garcia 07/21/15 Reply

    I want to win this time!!

  162. Dave Borgerd 07/22/15 Reply

    They will look great in MY humidor!

  163. Mike 07/22/15 Reply

    Miss the old company before it became swisher sweet. what happened to the personal service?

    • Jason Gross 08/09/15 Reply

      Drew Estate didnt become swisher! Swisher handles the distribution so they can reach more people! Drew Estate is Drew Estate. Its just like how DE handles distribution for Balmoral!

  164. Tonja 07/23/15 Reply

    I will win

  165. greg 07/23/15 Reply

    As good as it gets

  166. fred 07/23/15 Reply

    Drew Estate” a wonderful smoking world to live in!!

  167. Larry D 07/23/15 Reply

    Drew Estate, my new favorite smoke!

  168. Tim M 07/24/15 Reply

    Damn i sure hope that’s my name up there in the winners box. Waiting to find out

  169. Rob Hemond 07/24/15 Reply

    If it is drew Estates I try it. Haven’t been dissapointed yet!!

  170. MArk Lydston 07/25/15 Reply

    I have only tried a few from the “Acid” line, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. I look forward to expanding my experience with Drew Estate. I only smoke one or two cigars a week, so this might take awhile, but it will be time spent in an utter state of bliss. So far I have to say, I’m really liking “Toast”, and “Kuba Kuba”. I like a more mild, to medium flavored cigar. Any suggestions from the hard core fans out there?

    • Mark Lydston 07/25/15 Reply

      I’m sorry, I forgot to mention. I prefer a 50/54 x 5″ to 6″ smoke. I just had an “Extra Ordinary Larry”, which was good, but a little larger then I like.

  171. Tim Medley 07/30/15 Reply

    it says I’m a winner in this contest can’t wait to try them all love the acids

  172. Bummed out, J.D. Why is Michigan excluded? Man I love Drew Estate.

    You have failed me LOL!

    • Author
      Drew Estate 11/19/15 Reply

      Unfortunately, tobacco promotion laws make it illegal for us to run contests there. Sorry!

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